10 Tricks To Improve Speed Of Your VPN Connection In 2018

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Do you want to improve the speed of your VPN? I have already talked at length about VPN networks, but maybe you still do not know how to get the most out of it and above all, how to maintain an acceptable internet speed. I’ll tell you 10 tricks to improve the speed of your VPN, but before I remember you it’s a Virtual Private Network

Improve Speed Of Your VPN

What is a VPN?

A VPN network basically serves to protect your online identity and your privacy. All the data that you send over the internet will be encrypted. When you get into a web page, you are really accessing a server that can be located anywhere in the world. You are sending and receiving data, and that process is transparent for many people or for your internet operator if you are not using a VPN network. They can access the information you are sending.

In those information packages are included your email, your IP (related to the area where you live) or even other more sensitive information. Are you sure you want everyone to know them?

The VPN network encrypts your connection and protects you from prying eyes. It also allows you to skip geographic blocks of web pages and services such as YouTube or NetFlix.


10 tricks to improve the speed of your VPN

1.-Check your internet connection speed

It is the first thing to do. Check your connection and what speed you have and see if it works well. Maybe the speed problem does not happen only when you connect to the VPN. You can do it with www.speedtest.net.

2.-Change the internet protocol of your VPN

Go from TCP to UDP or vice versa if the program of your VPN allows it. UDP is preferable, but you may have to use TCP if your connection is faster.

3.-Restart your modem or router

A classic. If you have connection or speed problems, turn your router or modem off and on again. If you have a router provided by your operator, consider buying a free router compatible with your ISP.

4.-Change the location of your VPN server

Do you notice a decrease in speed when connecting to a VPN? For internet browsing you will not notice anything at all. If you download many things, maybe if you notice more slowly. In practice, it is totally imperceptible on a day-to-day basis.

5.-Change your encryption

Change the encryption you are using. Use this option only if the security of your connection is not a problem. Instead of IKEv2 / IPsec or OpenVPN (those recommended for security reasons), use L2TP / IPSec.If you want ad blck then must try adguard permium apk.

6.-Connect by cable to internet

Another classic. Avoid the WIFI network of your home and connect by cable. The increase in speed is always noticeable. Maybe your WIFI network is not the best in the world due to the quality of your router or the interferences with your neighbors. Buy a WIFI router better.

7.-Deactivate the firewall (temporarily)

Many times the active firewall of your computer affects your connection through VPN. Check that this is not your case. Your router can also have an activated firewall, especially if it is a router that you have purchased / configured yourself.

8.-Check the configuration parameters of your router

It is possible that you do not have them optimized, especially for the WIFI network. I give you a few tips for ASUS routers (which work for other models) in the following entries: How to optimize the performance of the WIFI connection in an ASUS router and Advanced optimization of 2.4GHz and 5GHz WIFI networks in ASUS routers

9.-Restart all your equipment

The final solution to improve the speed of your VPN network. Restart all your equipment: router, modem, computer … microwave, washing machine 🙂

10.-Change VPN provider

Have you chosen your VPN provider well? Not all work equally well. I recommend in 2018 two VPN services, Private Internet Access (PIA) and NordVPN. These two VPN services adequately protect your data / security and their servers are very fast:

You can sign up for PIA on their website
You can sign up for NordVPN on their website

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