9 free programs for Windows that you should download

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There are many free programs for Windows that you can download. So many that it’s hard to know which ones are worth it. These 9 you have to try them without any doubt. Download again even the ones you already have. Thus you get its most modern and complete version.


VLC is surely the best multimedia player out there. It opens all kinds of video and audio files. Also CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays. With it you will not need to install packages of strange codecs that often give more problems than solutions.
Argente Registry Cleaner
It is a powerful registry cleaner for Windows. Quickly and efficiently removes things left over from it.

It has an automatic cleaning mode. It starts with Windows and does the maintenance on its own. Or lets you run it by hand. As an extra security measure, keep copies of the changes. So you can undo them if need be.

Freemake Video Converter
This multi-purpose program allows:

Download Youtube videos.
Transform them into MP3 music files.
Convert any video to other formats (for example to AVI, DVD, MP4, etc.).

Movie Maker
The latest version of this video editor includes enhancements and updates. Make it your own movies with a simple way. Get striking and showy results without complications.

Use it to recover deleted files that are no longer in the Recycle Bin. It works fine, it’s pretty fast and can help you recover those documents, photos or e-mails that you deleted by mistake and that you gave up for lost.

To protect your PC
Download these two security programs. They are good and have a free version. They greatly increase your protection against all kinds of threats.


It is one of the best Android emulators for Windows. With it you can use on your PC the same applications that you have on your smartphone.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
It serves to recover your files from a damaged USB in which you can not enter. It also manages to recover them even if you have formatted it by mistake. Download and use EaseUS DRW.

Find out the normal temperature that your CPU should have and which one it really has. See the maximum limit to avoid very serious failures or even that your PC ends up burning.


Is a password manager for Internet. Autocomplete the site forms for you so you do not have to do it by hand. For example in Facebook or the page of your email.

Its great extra advantage is that it stores “securely” the usernames and passwords that you use on the Internet.

Download and use LastPass

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