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The development of online games has surged over the years. Today, you can play widespread and exceptional website games at the comfort of your home, in the office or when travelling. Akinator web genie is one of the high on demand and widely played online games in the world.  The akinator the Genie is a convenient, free multiplatform software created by Elokence and you will undoubtedly fall in love with this mobile game. It is an app based on Twenty Questions gaming strategy that attempts to determine which character the gamer is thinking of before asking them a number of questions. To enjoy this mobile game, you simply need to look for the akinator apk download.

Akinator APK Download

Before you download akinator online, keep in mind that it is an artificial intelligence program that can find and learn the best questions to ask the gamer. You need to think of a fictional or real character and akinator full will try to guess who it is.  It is best to play the game by challenging your friends on the leader boards to ascertain who is the best. If your children love mobile games, you can also let them play safely the akinator by turning on the child filter.

About The Akinator Premium APK

Before you download the akinator full apk, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. The akinator premium is an easy to use app that requires less space than most of the mobile games applications that you will come across. It is also easy to find online and you can download it from your favorite web page for free by clicking on the akinator apk download button. The akinator apk comes in diverse versions and you can choose from akinator-lite-1.12.0 apk which is 2 MB to its current version which is akinator 5.0 apk. It akinator app is easily accessible to all android users and especially the 2.3 version or latest android versions in the market. You can also get the akinator genie apk download in languages such as English, German and Spanish among others.

Features of Akinator APK Download

There are amazing features of the akinator full version apk that you should know before you press on the download button. These amazing features include:

  1. Opportunity to enjoy playing with akinator genie and choosing the characters you are thinking of by answering several questions.
  2. Chance to challenge Genie by making him think of forgotten characters and earn points or awards. You will earn more trophies the more hard you make it for akinator genie to guess the answers.
  3. You have a chance to customize akinator in your own way, alter the backgrounds or turn the Genie into a cow-bow, vampire or superman and much more.
  4. If you are an excellent player, with your akinator apk download installed in your mobile, you can find 5 cryptic characters each day, and win great rewards. Basically, you will win extra Genies and transform your favorite genie as per your preferences.
  5. Enjoy the exceptional MYWORLD EXPERIENCE feature and make genie guess your relatives and friends.
  6. Find it easy to share your winnings from the mobile game with your friends on social apps such as Facebook and twitter in a few clicks on the share button.

You will definitely find it how amazing it is to play the Akinator Genie on your smartphone. You need to simply follow the akinator apk download procedure and then install the full apk download on your mobile. It will take you a few minutes. So, take this opportunity today and enjoy every gaming moment.

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