Analysis of Mario Tennis Aces – For competitive tennis players

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Here’s our analysis of Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch, the latest instalment in Camelot’s sports series.

One of Nintendo’s most legendary sagas, and one of the most interesting spin-offs in the company’s history, Mario and his friends, will this new iteration in Nintendo Switch be worth it? Here you have our analysis of Mario Tennis Aces where we give you our most sincere opinion.

Our analysis of Mario Tennis Aces

The first thing to keep in mind about this new Mario Tennis Aces is that it is designed for a very specific type of player. This new edition of the saga may not satisfy players looking for a good option to enjoy the title alone, as the main focus of the title is on the online competitive mode.

There’s story mode, which we’ll go into now, but overall it’s clear that Mario Tennis Aces is coming to make his choice as a competitive title in multiplayer mode and he’s focusing all his efforts on trying to please those players who want to get into that dynamic.

Analysis of Mario Tennis Aces

A very fair story mode

The story mode that we have available and that will be practically the only thing we can do with Mario Tennis Aces alone, offers us to control Mario in a simple story to try to recover some magic crystals. Basically, everything seems to be an excuse for the player to learn all types of hitting and to master them online.

That is to say, more than a solo mode that can be enjoyed from start to finish and that justifies the purchase of the game, this is a great tutorial that is worth going through to unlock all the tracks and characters but also to master the game that will be essential to us to survive online against other real players.

Analysis of Mario Tennis Aces

The real star: the online mode

Once we have completed the story mode (which can be done in a few hours) it will be time to go crazy in the online mode. It’s true that we can play games alone, but the bulk of the experience is in tournaments that we can play against other players.

The level of players in online mode today is quite high. You should also bear this in mind, because unless you master absolutely everything that Mario Tennis Aces has to offer at a playable level, it will be very difficult for you to pass the highest rounds of the tournaments and we don’t tell you anything about winning them.You can also check Fnaf world.

Very good playably

In the strict sense of playable style, Mario Tennis Aces is a delight. Different types of hitting very well resolved, simple to understand but difficult to master. You’ll be surprised if you’re playing games online for hours at a time, so it hooks up the system.

It’s a delight to try all the characters in Mario Tennis Aces (each one has its own very defined characteristics) until you find your favourite and try to master them to the fullest. In a purely playable sense, Mario Tennis Aces is more than enough.

Analysis of Mario Tennis Aces

But we lack a little more affection

But it doesn’t help that the game system is great if the general feeling of the game is that it isn’t treated with affection at all. Very little content for a single player and even for the multiplayer mode, because if you are not convinced by the online proposal or you are frustrated by the rest of the players, you can only leave the game.

We expected a little more affection. A deeper, more in-depth story mode that does more than just serve as a tutorial, and more gameplay proposals. It’s fun and engaging, but it’s only for players who want to spend a lot of time improving their online tournaments.

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