Apple replaces defective iPhone batteries for $29

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At the beginning of last year, based on the release of iOS 10.2.1 update that corrected certain failures that iPhone 6 and 6S users could suffer as sudden power failures, something that has begun to result in the iPhone 7 after the arrival of iOS 11.2 where users have begun to see how their batteries were damaged and suffered blackouts ·

defective iPhone batteries
These users claimed that the usufruct of their devices had gone down and did not work properly due to the difficulties caused by the batteries, and if we add that Apple recognized that a battery-worn terminal did not perform at full speed, the children of the Californian firm have found an astronomical demand that has been aggressive cut for the sake of offering a practical and economical solution for users, during the entire 2018 year any user of iPhone® could alter its battery for a more recent € 29 ·

Any user of iPhone external warranty that has the battery worn may change it while completely 2018 to € 29, this primarily hurts all users who have an iPhone® 6 and have been affected, among which are:
Iphone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone SE

defective iPhone batteries

It would remain to confirm if this application of battery change attached to the current iPhone® 8, 8 Plus and the current iPhone X, which with all resolution to approach within the loss of their own warranty would not be necessary. Apple will launch an iOS version where users can see the appearance of our battery and if their condition is affecting the usufruct of the device.
Remember that a worn battery decreases the strength and running of your iPhone®, so you have to ask Apple replacement battery for the value of € 29, any terminal with an annual or 2 of life is admissible that this damaged so do not think about it any more and be urgent ·

Although Apple at first communicated that the change of the batteries would be limited, later retracted where indicated the following:
Until December 2018, Apple will completely reduce the value of the replacement of the external warranty battery by € 60, from € 89 to € 29, for all models of iPhone® 6 or later ·

To replace the worn battery of your iPhone® for a more recent € 29 you just have to make an appointment through the Genius section of a legitimate Apple Store or send your terminal for repair, after contact with Apple’s help, remember that you can use it while completely the annual 2018 ·
As a personal recommendation, I would tell all those who have a terminal with 2 or more days of life, that they change the battery using the Apple replacement, an iPhone 6 or 6S with a battery in perfect formalities has too much to promise and there is no pressing to alter the terminal in a hurry ·

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