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If you use a smartphone or an android enabled devices, you have probably have heard about Applock pro. Applock is a distinctive, amazing and secure android app locker and cleaner that you will fall in love with. It is a great application which protects your device and guards your privacy with the help of a private vault, hide icon as well as a safe lock screen feature. You can enjoy all the benefits of Applock pro app by finding, downloading and installing the amazing applock pro mod apk.

Applock pro mod APK

It does not matter the kind of android device that you use. You can still get applock pro for iPhone or any other smartphone model you own. All you need is to download the best applock apk and install it properly into your device. It is an easy procedure to follow up and download your applock pro apk full version. You can install the apk normally and enjoy the new feature in your android device.

Features That Make Applock Pro Mod APK Stand Out

  • Smart App Lock

This is a feature that presents you with an opportunity to lock your social apps. With this feature, you will be able to keep your Facebook, snapchat, WhatsApp and any other social platform that you use away from intruders who keep checking others people’s messages, contacts and emails. You also get a chance to lock your photos and videos as well as hide private pictures.

  • Privacy scan

You will be able to scan and protect your private information from disclosure to the wrong hands. The daily privacy report will aid manage your privacy in a better manner.

  • Safe lock screen

With this app, you will protect your smartphone from stalkers with a pattern lock security and PIN.

  • Calculator hide icon

You get a chance to change Applock icon into calculator icon as well as hide important icons from intruders.

  • Break-in alert

Offers privacy defense by automatically taking the picture of the intruder.

  • Message protection

This a feature that protects all your message details. You should never worry of intruders peeping into your pictures or chats.

  • Disguise

It is a feature that offers an exceptional, safe and uninterrupted lock to protect your privacy while in public.

Applock pro mod APK1

Other optimization features of applock pro apk free download for android include:

  • Lock recently added applications from nosey friends
  •  Camouflage the pages on your device, pretending to collapse or request for fingerprint input.
  • Delayed locking: need to relock when returning from a brief exist to avoid frequent unlocking and smoothly switching off applications
  • Lock games and prevent them from easy access by children as well as viewing uncalled-for things in your device.
  • Lock 3G, 4G data, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from unwanted access
  • Supports more than 20 languages

Applock pro mod APK is an amazing app that has been downloaded more than 20 million times worldwide. It is the best app protector that you can opt for among many other versions in the market. It is easy to download and install applock pro mod apk. Once you have installed the applock premium apk or any other versions, it is hard to uninstall Applock thanks to the Device Administrator permission feature which prevents others from accessing and uninstalling Applock. Download this app today and enjoy every moment with your android device.

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