Best Android Emulators for Windows – Top 5 BEST!

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In this list we have five good programs to run Android directly on Windows, which will allow us to “play” with the Google operating system on our computer.

Android Emulators for Windows

Usually this type of program is used by developers or fans who need or want to “test” the applications and features of this platform on a PC.

Android emulators that work in Windows
These emulators will allow you to easily synchronize your Android device and enjoy your favorite apps directly on the PC. I’ve tried them and they’re fancy, especially with the most popular games. Go for it.

BlueStacks 2

Is it the best Android emulator for PC that exists today? Bluestacks is one of the most known and competent programs to run Android on your computer. The best thing is that you can install third-party APKs simply by opening them.


Here we have an Android emulator specialized in games. One of the most attractive features of MEmu is the choice of a virtual simulator.
Do you want to simulate a full HD screen tablet with 2 GB of RAM and Quad-core processor ?. Memu gives you the possibility to do it to obtain a better performance. It is enough to specify it from the main menu.

It is one of the most flexible emulators with compatibility for Windows 8 and 10. In addition, not only limited to desktop computers or notebooks but also works on tablets with Windows operating system (dual boot tablet).

Andy OS

andyos emulate android games in windows 10 It has an application in google play to install on the tablet or smartphone and from there control everything that is happening on our computer and even use it as a gamepad or second screen.

A very interesting program that can even emulate better than those mentioned above. It is based on Android 4.2 although it can be updated to 4.4 (KitKat).

Among other features is a very customizable program, works full screen and in vertical – horizontal mode. It includes its own launcher from the desktop and it does not hurt to try it.


Droid4x emulator 3D Small and fast emulator for android very easy installation. Attention!
I recently reinstalled Bluestacks on my Windows 10 x64 bit and did not get it to work. Searching I found this program: Droid4x that has these three main characteristics:
It does not require virtualization (like Genymotion).
Faster (maybe better than Bluestacks).
Small file size
It allows to drag, copy and install apks that we have in the pc.

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