The Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Apps Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is undoubtedly one of the best Android devices of the moment. This great mobile is equipped with 6.3-inch screen, 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage (expandable by MicroSD) and a powerful battery for maximum duration. If you have one of these devices in your hands or are thinking about buying it, then this article may interest you because we have compiled a list of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 8, with which you can increase the productivity of it.

Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

1) Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle is one of the best applications to read electronic books from cell phones and tablets. This tool provides a lot of books in digital form and provides a fantastic experience, such as reading printed books. By installing this application on your Galaxy Note 8, you can read your favorite books on an amazing screen.

2) SuperBeam
With SuperBeam, you can transfer all types of files from one phone to another quickly and very easily. It is very similar to a file manager application, it is very easy to understand and work with it. We recommend using this application on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to take full advantage of all its technical features.

3) AdobeScan
AdobeScan can be very useful in Samsung Galaxy Note 8. With this tool, you can convert your Smartphone into a complete scanner that will improve the efficiency of your device. With this scanner application, you can convert documents such as bills, invoices, notes and others in scanned copies and with different formats.

4) Shazam
This application is very popular in music lovers. Are you looking for a song that is playing on the radio? Turn on Shazam and you will get the answer in seconds. This application is quite useful and deserves to be installed on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

5) Artflow
Drawing with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 S Pen is quite fun, and ArtFlow is one of the best applications with which you can enjoy this great tool. It has great configurations and options to choose from, such as brushes, color palettes, pencils and more.

6) Draw Rider
Draw Rider is a classic PC game for Android mobile devices and tablets. The only problem with not using a stylus like the S Pen, is that it becomes much more difficult to make the drawing. However, everything will be easier in Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

7) Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja may be a little old, but it does not make it any less fun. You probably played Fruit Ninja with your fingers, but I doubt you played it with the S Pen. When playing it with this own tool of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the thing gets very interesting. Instead of using your fingers to cut the fruit, you can use the pencil, which gives the game a new sensation.

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