Best Pokemon GO Radar Apps And Pokevision Alternatives

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In this guide we tell you the Best Pokemon GO Radar Apps And Pokevision Alternatives. Even though the Niantic developers are trying to introduce Pokemon Go Trackers in Pokemon Go, the feature is still in development and the sighting feature is not as satisfying as it could be. Also you can check Pokevision APK Of course, everyone remembers the first days of the game when PokeVision could take a few thousand people to Central Park in New York in search of a new Pokémon.

Best Pokemon GO Radar Apps And Pokevision Alternatives

This was considered a trap by many players and apparently also by Niantic, who decided to let everyone know that these applications would soon become obsolete.

Finally, in July 2016, Niantic confirmed that they would eliminate support for any third-party application that would help capture Pokémon. This caused most of the websites and services related to the capture of Pokemon to be closed indefinitely.

This caused a massive division and a drop in the player base, as many players were not happy with the tracking system that provided the game and used the services of applications like PokeVision to find Pokémon.

Developers have not yet moved in their position regarding all these third-party Pokemon Go Trackers, as they are not yet allowed. However, there seems to be some applications coming onto the market in the last few weeks that seem to be decent in tracking Pokémon.

We decided to test some of these applications and see which of them could be a viable alternative for PokeVision.

Best Pokemon GO Radar Apps And Pokevision Alternatives

There is still no alternative for the application that functionality can offer, but there have been some new applications that have appeared, which could be incredibly beneficial for all budding coaches who are still looking for those legendary bugs.

There have been some applications that we have found particularly well done and accurate. Let’s look at them and compare their positive and negative aspects.

POKEALERT – Best Pokemon GO Radar Apps And Pokevision Alternatives

One of the disadvantages of this application is that it does not trace PokeStops and Gyms. The overlay is very beautiful and you have the option to filter out all the useless Pokémon like the Pidgey.

There have also been many problems with the application, as many users, including us, discovered that the data read by the application did not even match the in-game sightings tab at times. I was also happy to plan Pokémon that just did not exist in random places.

This application could be useful sometimes and could help you find many of the Pokémon that you will not find otherwise, but it is likely that this is a waste of time and you’d better use the alternative.

GORADAR – Best Pokemon GO Radar Apps And Pokevision Alternatives

There are still times when you can not find the Pokémon that seems to be next to you in the GoRadar, but the accuracy of this application is still very good and will help you locate a lot of legendary and rare Pokémon around you.

However, the main problem seems to be the fact that the application is much more accurate in cities and populated areas than in rural areas, which could be a big problem for some of the users. Of course, only two of the examples are cited here. There must be much more with different positive and negative aspects that you can discover on your own in the app store.

The applications are also controversial because many people consider them as cheating. However, no one can deny its usefulness for those who like to have a wide collection of Pokémon.

Features of GoRadar

  • It allows you to find Pokémon found by other players.
  • Pokemon is removed if too many users “reject” it.
  • A ‘Filter’ location that allows you to find your closest desired Pokémon.
  • Show all nearby Pokémon with the time of day they were found.

POKIIMAPBest Pokemon GO Radar Apps And Pokevision Alternatives

Available for Android, you can consider PokiiMap as PokeVision for Android-based devices. You can buy to receive greater benefits. The base version, on the other hand, allows you to search for new Pokémon around you every two minutes. In addition, PokiiMap also tells you when a Pokémon disappears so you do not waste your time chasing something you will never get. Very useful, in my opinion.

PokeRadar is one of the Pokemon Go PokeVision alternatives
Characteristics of PokiiMap
Live maps
Push notifications
It allows you to scan Pokémon.
It allows you to use multiple accounts.
Show the inventory of Pokémon, sample IV and some other statistics.

POKETRACKER – Best Pokemon GO Radar Apps And Pokevision Alternatives

Only available for iOS-based devices, PokeTracker is one of the best Pokemon Go Trackers out there. There are many incredible features. Some of these features include the ability to hide Pokémon that a user has already captured, push notifications for necessary Pokémon, the ability to see Pokémon Gyms and display PokeStops. Finally, you can also buy the pro version for $ 2.99 USD. If you are running an iOS-based device, I definitely recommend using the PokeTracker.

Features of PokeTracker

Push notifications
Show PokeStops near your location.
Show the Pokemon gym in the surrounding areas.
The ability to see the hidden Pokémon that you have already caught.


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