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Blockbuster Dao. In a surprising and nostalgic move, blockbuster dao showed up on december 26th to announce its plans on twitter. Blockbuster could compete against netflix under the leadership of a dao that allows the community to control the company.

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Blockbuster dao is here and they plan to bring blockbuster back to the top of the film industry. To achieve its goals, blockbusterdao intends to raise $5 million to. The latest tweets from @blockbusterdao

In A Surprising And Nostalgic Move, Blockbuster Dao Showed Up On December 26Th To Announce Its Plans On Twitter.

Blockbuster dao, a freshly formed group, is eyeing to purchase dish network’s blockbuster, aiming to raise $5 million. Blockbuster may rise from the dead after a solid whipping by netflix. The dao aims to purchase the brand from dish network, and it seeks to raise as much as $5 million for it, soon to be a decentralized service.

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The Dao's Pseudonymous Founder Tasafila, In Messages To Decrypt, Took Pains To Say That The $5 Million Figure Is A Fundraising Goal, Not A Valuation Of The Blockbuster Brand—But Clearly The Dao Believes It Can Get Blockbuster For Somewhere Between $1.8.

Strategies are in making to mint the nfts for raising the desired fund. A blockbuster outlet circa 2006. One of the highest profile daos at the moment is the blockbuster dao, spun up on christmas day to liberate blockbuster from it’s centralized owner (aka dish network) for the purpose of turning.

The Money Would Be Used To Purchase The Blockbuster Brand From Dish Network.

Transform the blockbuster brand into a dao platform for streaming videos and fund film projects. To achieve its goals, blockbusterdao intends to raise $5 million to. 1.raise $5m+ through the blockbuster dao nft mint at a 0.13ξ each.

Dao Seeks To Acquire Blockbuster.

The group, operating on twitter as blockbusterdao, aims to raise $5 million in aims to do so by minting and selling original nfts that will be. According to a twitter thread posted on december 25, blockbusterdao seeks to govern the blockbuster brand and create a decentralized film streaming service out of it — with plans for movie financing and production down the road. Okay but how do we buy blockbuster?

If Successful In Buying The Blockbuster Ip, It Would Be Registered To The Dao.

Blockbuster dao is trying to generate $5 million to acquire the intellectual property rights to the brand, which is currently being held by its owner. Blockbusterdao wants to raise $5m to crypto crowdfund a netflix for web3. Begin awareness and pr campaign to build pressure to sell.

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