Coin Popper Digging Tool. Use your tool to cut a wide hole out of the soil. This is far less intrusive than using a shovel.

Tyger COIN POPPER digging tool + Ultimate Catch all finds
Tyger COIN POPPER digging tool + Ultimate Catch all finds from

This coin popper can extract a coin in less then 15 seconds or less seeing is beliving coin popper tool When you are able to use a smaller digging tool, your holes will be smaller; I think this would set me up nicely, but the kicker is i think it's going to cost me about $60, and right now that is a decent chunk of change.

Use Your Tool To Cut A Wide Hole Out Of The Soil.

Therefore, there is less damage to the landscape. 35mm wide handle, tapering down to 10mm. The perfect tool for metal detecting and coin hunting.

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I use the probe (6 inch 3/32 drill bit with the flutes cut off) to locate the coin and use the popper to pop the coin out of the ground. Garden trowel made in america by bully tools Coin slot in the end for the added addition of easy coin retrieval.

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I Think This Would Set Me Up Nicely, But The Kicker Is I Think It's Going To Cost Me About $60, And Right Now That Is A Decent Chunk Of Change.

Let me say that 1. Once you have outlined the entire plug, pull it. Predator tools raptor model 31 (c) the raptor from predator tools is another one of my favorites.

We Offer Gold Scoops, Rock Hammers And Trowels For Metal Detecting.

Nokta makro premium stainless steel shovel. Set of 4 tyger digging tools. All my coins come out with nasty scratches.

I Am Looking At Carrying 3 Tools:!

The front one has a velcro closier to keep the good stuff separated from the junk. A high quality digging tool is an essential part of any serious detectorists tool kit. We added two roomy pockets that will hold just about anything.

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