Create APK of Installed Applications – Complete Guide

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There are many applications in the Play Store that allow you to convert your already installed applications to APK files so that you can share them or simply save them as a backup on your Android mobile device or tablet.

But without a doubt, one of the best and safest is “ES File Explorer File Manager”, it is light (in terms of space), it also allows file management and offers multiple functions. It is one of those applications that you should have installed on your computer and will help us a lot.
make backup in apks of Android applications

Create APK of Installed Applications

Now, clarified this, what we want is to create an apk of some application installed on the phone and we’ll go with this short step-by-step guide. “It is not necessary to be root”.

Creating backup of installed applications

1.- The first thing we have to do is download “ES File Explorer” (previous link) and execute it [If you already have it installed, preferably upgrade to version 3.2.1 or higher.]

2.- Go to the side menu of the application and display the item “Library”, inside select the option: “APP”. [For versions prior to 3.2.1 go to “Tools” >> “Application Manager”].
3.- Here all the apps of the user you have installed will be shown, but you can also select apps from the system to create our apk.

Selecting the applications to backup

4.- In this step, keep pressing on the icon of the application (s) you wish to backup.

5.- Done this, click on “Backup” located at the bottom of the screen.

6.- Wait a few seconds … until the following message appears: “Copy Satisfactory Application”.

Ready! With these actions we have already managed to create the apk successfully.

Where is the apk of the application stored?
By default the export of the apk will be created in the backups folder of the internal memory of the phone.
As we are using our “File Explorer” application, we will quickly access from the main screen (Homepage) >> sdcard0 >> backups >> apps.

Ideally, move these apks files to the external memory of the phone or tablet (/ storage / external_SD – / storage / extsdcard), then have them and install them at any time.

Another option would be to synchronize Google Drive with ES File Explorer (recommended) and go to the ‘backups’ folder and keep pressed the apps that we want to “Move to” any specific folder of the Google cloud.

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