The creator of ‘FNAF World’ admits having taken the game very soon

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Unexpectedly, Scott Cawthon released FNAF World download on the market yesterday despite promising to leave on Steam on February 19. That means an advance of a whole month, and that has affected the development of the game, since yesterday was not really finalized.

FNAF World download

Many things are missing

In a message that Scott Cawthon himself posted on the Steam page of ‘FNAF World’, he admitted that it was quite a mistake to have taken the game a month early. According to the personal vision of Scott Cawthon, the game lacks key elements in an RPG such as knowing what each skill does in combat as well as seeing the state of the characters.
FNAF World
He admits that many times he has been accused of taking games very quickly because of the bugs that some of them present, but this is the first time he has noticed it first-hand. Scott Cawthon promises to fix these serious design problems, and hopes to create a patch for ‘FNAF World’ in the coming weeks, plus he has publicly apologized to a community that has held him in very high esteem for a year and a half , when the first installment of ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s‘ came out.

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