Crypto Herloom. Glowing serrated knife that has his logo on it and streams of code running down the blade? I know the devs already said crypto isn’t getting one soon but i sad crypto main can dream, i’m no artist but my idea was instead of just a data knife like everyone else is saying i was thinking.

Crypto Heirloom Crypto Heirloom apexlegends
Crypto Heirloom Crypto Heirloom apexlegends from

Purchasing all 24 items in the warrior’s collection will unlock crypto’s heirloom. In the past, respawn has seemingly tried to give heirlooms to legends that don’t see much action. The heirloom looks pretty complete, which means we should be seeing it come to apex legends very soon.

Some Leaks Have Revealed That The Next Two Agents To Receive Their Heirlooms Are Crypto And Valkyrie.

According to datamined files, crypto is about to get his heirloom, which is a sword with a crypto green theme. Man i wish they rolled these out a little faster so the characters just got heirlooms during the season they come out though. Every few months, respawn releases a new heirloom for a specific legend of their choice.

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Thordan Smash, A Reliable Leaker And Youtuber Has Revealed Crypto’s Heirloom Which Is Called “Jikdo” With Proper Animations.

From the leaked clip, it seems like this was taken from a playtesting session. A korean ‘jikdo’ knife was datamined and it is likely to become his signature melee weapon. It’s time for another collection event in apex legends, and this time, the prize for gathering up all of the new cosmetics is a crypto heirloom.

I Know The Devs Already Said Crypto Isn’t Getting One Soon But I Sad Crypto Main Can Dream, I’m No Artist But My Idea Was Instead Of Just A Data Knife Like Everyone Else Is Saying I Was Thinking.

You need to purchase 24 event. Or by buying the champion edition. Fr it’s way better then the watson heirloom😂.

Because Of Their Rarity, Heirlooms Are Extremely Sought After In The Apex Legends Community.

A swiss army knife, crypto is all about being prepared and that’s the point of a swiss army knife. But perhaps, it could be some sort of. It’s a retractable knife known as a jikdo, which crypto can be seen twirling around and.

Although Apex News Has Been Slow As Of Recent, New Leaks Broke Out Yesterday Suggesting A Possible Plan For Crypto’s Heirloom To Enter The Game Next.

Lol, won’t happen but it would be cool. For example, mirage received the last set with the lost treasure. Popular youtuber thordan smash leaked ingame play test video of the crypto heirloom.

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