Cryptohopper Stop Loss

Cryptohopper Stop Loss. In contrast to the normal stop loss, the trailing stop loss is more flexible and makes it possible to achieve significantly higher profits, especially if the trend is reversed. After that it will sell if it drops by the trailing.

What is a trailing stop loss and how to use it in
What is a trailing stop loss and how to use it in from

It protects you from major losses. Reset stop loss after failed orders, this switch tells your hopper whether or not to reset its current information to the point of the original setting if asset. Trailing stop loss sell for maximum profit with trailing stop loss arm trailing stop loss:

Imagine You've Got A Position With Btc.

Trailing stop loss can be chosen a little narrower than stop loss. It’s a feature that’s almost usable for every type of trader. Your hopper will turn on a stop loss after you've profited by a chosen amount.

You Need To Experiment With These Settings To Find What Works Best For The Moment.

It protects you from major losses. Always check what your exchange's minimum order amounts are. This would cause your trailing percentage to be triggered and a sell order with loss is placed.

When There Is Not A Filled Orderbook, You Could Sell With Bigger Losses.

After that it will sell if it drops by the trailing. Your hopper will then cancel this order after your predetermined amount of time, and will try again as the price has gotten lower yet, and the trailing percentage is ''still'' triggered, causing your. Most of the time it’s aimed at 4% with a trailing stop of 2%.

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Reset Stop Loss After Failed Orders, This Switch Tells Your Hopper Whether Or Not To Reset Its Current Information To The Point Of The Original Setting If Asset.

This value should not be chosen too small but also not too large. Using trailing stop loss can be a very handy tool. When trading low satoshi coins, 1 satoshi can be a 5% increase/decrease in profits.

So You Minimize Your Loss Significantly.

If you decide to upgrade at a later date, you will have missing data for the time you were on the free plan. Alternatively, sometimes a sell order is placed at the right moment, but cannot be filled. After you have activated this, you can determine what percentage loss you would like to accept.

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