How to download Google Play apk?

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Sometimes we want to download an apk directly from Google Play. this download Google Play apk may be because we have some Android product without Google Play (for example a tablet or Amazon mobile), because we want to keep it in case they end up withdrawing from the store or because that application is not available in our country and we still want to install it.

Well, the best option to download the Google Play apks is to use some download service that passes the apk directly from Google Play. The way to download is very simple, we explain below.

First, we go into Google Play and look for the application that we want to download. In the url we will see that it appears something like: is the unique identifier for the app on Google Play. We’ll have to copy this part. Now we go to the following web address:

And in the writing box copy the of the application that we want to download. Click the “Generate Convert Link” button and then click here to download and then start downloading the apk. I hope you find them useful.

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