Download Huawei Music APK free on your Android, the app coming to dethrone Spotify Premium

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In this blog has always tried to help that user who loves music that wants to enjoy his favorite themes on his Android device, and that is why here have posted several post in which for example, we shared a modified Spotify APK in which we could enjoy almost all the functions of the premium service. Of course we can not forget to remind you that also published a way to download Spotify songs in MP3 format and with high quality audio.

Download Huawei Music APK

Download Huawei Music APK

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However, today it is necessary to go beyond Spotify and share with you Huawei Music, an app that comes directly to compete with the premium service of Spotify, and we can even say that it can easily dethrone since it has some slight advantages that we will tell you next . However, you should know that as is almost custom, an application as good as this is hard to find in the Google Play Store, so I will leave the download links at the end of this post so you can do with it.

Now, to talk about what this application own Chinese manufacturer Huawei, I can say in my opinion that offers us a fairly broad repertoire of themes and I think so far the most competitive repertoire that has been put forward to Spotify . The latter I say because I have already tried apps that have tried to deal with Spotify but that were always clearly outdated specifically in the section of their music repertoire, as it was with MusicAll, the best competitor of Spotify before meeting Huawei Music.

And it is that we can do many things with Huawei Music, like searching our favorite songs online, as well as our artists or albums, even looking for playlist’s and within them choose which song we want to play. Once we select the song, the app allows other options such as downloading songs in high definition audio, set any subject as our phone tone and also a kind of timer to close or stop playing the songs in a scheduled time which we think is convenient.

In short, Huawei Music offers us practically the same as Spotify Premium and even a little more, but the difference is that it offers us totally free. So if you want to enjoy Huawei Music already, as I told you previously under these lines are the download links and I also put a video to see this great app in operation. And if you liked this post please do not forget to share it !.

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