How to enter Alcatel Recovery Mode

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In this tutorial I will show you how to enter the recovery mode on any Alcatel One Touch device for Alcatel Recovery Mode, in order to perform a factory reset, hard reset, clear cache and many options. Continue reading to know how to do it.

recovery mode on Alcatel One Touch

Although it is a fairly simple and safe process, in AndroidOS we make sure you do it correctly on your Android device. Before doing any procedure in the recovery mode, I recommend that you make a backup, since you are prone to losing all the data on the device.

System recovery Alcatel One Touch

Taking these aspects into account, follow the following instructions:

1) Fully charge the battery of your Alcatel One Touch device
2) Press and hold the volume buttons up and the power button simultaneously.

alcatel recovery mode

Once this is done, the recovery mode menu will appear. Within the menu will appear, various options such as: Reboot system now, Apply update from sdcard, Wipe data / Factory reset, Wipe cache partition, install zip from sdcard, Backup and restore, Sounts and storage, Advanced, Power Off.

Note: To select any of these options, scroll down with the volume buttons and press the power you want to use.

In general, I recommend using the Recovery mode when the device does not turn on and when certain errors appear. The options offered by the recovery mode are the following:

1. Reboot system now: This function causes you to restart your Alcatel device.

2. Apply Update from sdcard: Function that makes install all the updates.

3. Wipe Data / factory reset: Factory reset (Hard reset) Android device.

4. Wipe Cache Partition: Eliminate the general mode cache on the Alcatel device

5. Install zip from sdcard: You can install files directly from the Sim card.

6. Backup and restore: Make a backup at the level of the entire cell phone and then restore it from the factory.

Alcatel Recovery Mode

Recovery mode alcatel android

That’s all you need to know about the recovery mode on Alcatel One Touch, if you have any problems, do not hesitate to comment.

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