Escape from Blue Tick:How to View WhatsApp Messages Without Opening the Application

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You do not want to open a WhatsApp conversation, be it in a group or private, but be curious to know what they’re talking about? The app has a very interesting feature for this on Android devices that is Escape from Blue Tick.

That is: you can read the message without opening the application and therefore without activating the blue tick that warns the contact you saw the message.

Escape from Blue Tick

Check below how to do:

1 From the home screen, touch and hold a blank space. Click “Widgets” at the bottom of the screen.

2 Swipe your finger from right to left until you find the WhatsApp widget and tap it.

3 Touch and hold the “WhatsApp 4×2” option.

4 Drag to the part of the screen you want and release.

5 When you release, the box will have a blue border. If you want to change its size simply point the balls around for what you want. Then tap anywhere on the screen to lock ..

6 To open a conversation, click on it. Ready! You can now view the messages without having to enter the application. It is worth remembering that widgets consume memory of the cell phone – in case you are experiencing some slowness.

Soo these Escape from Blue Tick method will spread fast.With WPS connect you can also use this function in your android phone.

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