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Fate Grand Order APK is a Mobile RPG game for both Android and IOS. Its story revolves around in the future from where you have been trained by an Organization to save from the Human Extinction and You will be converted to spiritrons, Will be sent back in time.

Fate Grand Order APK

The Organization that trains us finds out that the future they expected Doesn’t exist anymore and Calculates prediction of the Time for the Humankind to go extinct by 2018 giving the reason for Human Extinction as an unwanted change which occurred in Fuyuki city back in 2004.The organization decides to put a stop to this by converting You into spiritrons and Sending You back in time.

You should fight till every last breath of yours for the welfare of Human Mankind and raise against the ones which caused the Human Extinction. This either happens Now or like Never! You are the only Hope for the organization to change the Human Fate.

How You Can Play This Game ?

As a Master, you will have your own group which consists of Heroes, Legends, Myths and Tales. As a Master, you can command up to 6 servants under you. Fate Grand Order APK is just like the many other popular games where you divide and keeps a set active and when your turn comes, You will be having an option to keep the other set active and Inactive.This is up to your choice.

You can program them with three kinds of attacks which are Buster, Arts and Quick. Buster is a sort of Satisfyingly heavy attack and the Quick attack ensures a very high chance of dropping the stars.

Fate Grand Order APK

When you use 3 Similar servants for an Attack it just Gives Bonus and Each of these Servants have their own skills which will be very Impactful in the Battle, Like the skill “Noble Phantasm” which can be used when the Np Gauge is full.

Every time you win, they will award you with Experience points which you can use it to level up your servants which is fun to do it. You need to equally level up every servant of yours that will be the goal, But you can still upgrade only just one character and not the other.Servants are gained by summoning them which consumes Saint Quartz.

The only limitation of this game as far as I felt is that stamina bar which doesn’t allow you to play the game continuously.The story approach is really nice and engaging which keeps it interactive and fun to play.

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Features of Fate Grand Order APK

  • Very Thrilling Experience for both the master and servants
  • Bonus Attacks on following strategies
  • Story Mode
  • Use Experience points to upgrade servants to maximum level
  • Go back in time to save the humankind
  • De-addiction mode which will put you away from the game of constant playing which is helpful for Kids and Teens by taking their Breaks
  • Good graphics  

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