‘FNAF World’ Has Been Removed from Steam by its Creator

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Having launched ‘FNAF World’ too soon on Steam, Scott Cawthon has realized that he has given users a half-finished game, despite the fact that the title is having a large number of positive reviews from users on Steam. While many companies would leave the game on sale to fund the development of future patches, Scott Cawthon has decided to be humble and remove the Steam game until he feels he is really finished.

FNAF World

It goes away, but it will come back

It is not a permanent withdrawal for a few first-time buyers to keep a game that others will not enjoy, but Scott Cawthon has promised to put the game back in the digital store when it is really finished. Scott Cawthon has even asked Valve not to put problems when requesting refunds, even after two hours of play or decide to return it after two weeks.

Scott Cawthon will spend some time fixing ‘fnaf world download free‘ for a new release, and not only will he leave the game on Steam once it is finished, but on the GameJolt game page, he will put the final version of ‘FNAF World’ and it will replace the demo, so it will be totally free to download, without any kind of problem and in a legal way. Among the new features that it hopes to include in the improved version, there is a map of the world with 3D elements, and very surely important elements in the RPGS as the possibility of seeing the status of the characters. It is surprising the extreme humility with which Scott Cawthon is dealing with his own creation, and demonstrates that it is possible to be very successful and at the same time treat consumers with respect and learning from their own mistakes.

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