Games and challenges to send by WhatsApp

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The best games to send by WhatsApp

Within a WhatsApp there are games and challenges, in addition to chains of all kinds. The games and challenges beyond being a message is an interaction with the contact of the message sent. What would be the interaction? The simple act of playing according to what the message says. This, unlike the chain, is that it goes beyond reading; A string is read and forwarded, the game is read, interacted and forwarded. Condesando all this, the main idea of ​​this post is to leave them with a collection of the best games and challenges to send by WhatsApp with emojis.

Games and challenges to send by WhatsApp

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Games and challenges to copy and paste
1) How much you can help decipher the age you have Do not you think? ? Well I challenge you to the following:

1) Think about the number of your shoes
2) Now multiply it by 5
3) Sumale 50 to this
4) Multiply it now by 20
5) Sumale now 1020
6) Completely erase the year from which you were born.

Now the first two digits is how much you fit and the other two is your age. Are you impressed? Challenge and play with your WhatsApp friends. ?

2) From 1 to 20, what would you say?
1) Do I really like you?
2) I’ve loved you?
3) I’ve loved you?
4) I want to kiss you?
5) Do you excite me?
6) I think about you?
7) Have I missed you?
8) I want to hug you?
9) I’m waiting for you to tell me something?
10) I hate you?
11) I want to hit you?
12) I want to know you more?
13) I want to help you always?
14) I want to always listen to you?
15) I want to make you happy?
16) I want to pamper you?
17) I want to forgive you for everything bad?
18) I want to tell you a secret?
19) I want to give you encouragement?
20) I want to continue being your friend?

Challenge your WhatsApp friends and see that they answer J

3) To play! You have to answer yes or yes

1 Name some defect of mine
2) Do I like you better now or before? ?
3) Do you notice any change in me? For better or worse? ?
4) What do you feel for me? ?
5) What would you do for me? ?
6) Have you seen me cry? Did it hurt you to see me like that? ?
7) What do you like most about my personality? ?
8) Did I help you with anything? In which? ?
9) Do you have something to tell me? ?

Send this game to all your friends on WhatsApp and see what J respond

Challenges with Emojis to send by WhatsApp

4) Comment with a number if you want something!
1) If you want a hug?
2) If you want a Kiss?
3) If you love me?
4) If you consider me only as a friend?
5) If I fall ill?
6) If you want my Facebook?
7) If you want any social network of mine?
8) If you love me?
9) None of the above?
10) All the previous ones?

Challenge your WhatsApp friends with this questionnaire and review what they want from you J

5) Pass it to your WhatsApp contacts to see what fruit you put J
1) ? I love you very much
2) Are you very special
3) I hate you
4) I want a little kiss
5) I want lots of hugs
6)? I love you
7)? I want to have a relationship with you
8)? I want to be your boyfriend or girlfriend
9)? Let’s just be friends
10)? I like you

EYE: It is mandatory to answer J

6) Do you love me?
1) No?
2) A little?
3) Can it be?
4) At times?
5) When do I remember?
6) Always?
7) With all my heart?
8) I love you?

Play with your WhatsApp friends and see what J respond

7) Choose what color I am for you J
1) White: You are my angel
2) Yellow: The person I want by my side
3) Red: The person I love
4) Blue: My best friend
5) Gray: You are an acquaintance
6) Black: I feel bad
7) Rosa: the person I love the most
8) Violet: The person I think the most
9) Orange: The person I like
10) Celeste: The person who makes me forget the bad moments
11) Green: A little person that can not be forgotten

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