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Granblue Fantasy APK is a Mobile Turn-based RPG game for both Android and iOS.It starts with being a simple RPG game with usual strategies and skills. Following more combats and that’s where you feel the heat with more real-time battle strategies.

Granblue fantasy apk

The game starts with the usual setup of a boy meets a girl and defend her from the kingdom side that’s actually threatening their life. This is basically the story but this is not just about the whole plot.There is more to it when you start playing it.

Specifications Of The Game :

The animation and graphics are too good for an RPG game, The characters look really great on the screen, The backgrounds look fantastic and the whole Granblue Fantasy just looks too good. The music just feels right if you ask us with perfect balance and just like every other RPG games.

Before coming into the story part, let me tell you about my experience in Granblue fantasy. You need to buy many powerful characters from the story. It is not like unlockable or your favourite character would eventually be in the game like you would expect.You need to get these powerful characters from the store themselves to make the game interesting like you would expect.

You have been trained as a knight and your companion being the dragon itself and you will be following to the place where your father is according to the game and She needs to get away from the imprisonment and that is when she actually ends up in the forest which is exactly where the game starts. The story is very excellent and you need to read everything in the screen without skipping anything and along with the music, it is a very great experience.The characters and play are done well and that makes the worth playable.

How To Play :

Granblue fantasy APK gives you the feeling of being into your own adventure where you build and improve your Character with the Jobs like you usually do with other RPG games. Each job will Improve your levels by levelling up and You mix with the other characters and Story and usual adventures take place each day with the story approach where you will be uncovering more mysteries and having your own adventure.

The Monsters will be haunting at your place, You will be fighting them whenever you uncover a character or Picking up new Powers to defeat the Monsters.The whole game is the turn-based approach.

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The only way you bring some of the characters, highly advanced Powerful weapons and Summons is by rolling out which takes real money.But it truly enhances your game.

Granblue Fantasy APK Features:

  • Multiplayer gaming: Play with other players to destroy tough enemies
  • Join a Group: Join a group of players and do things together.
  • Share Tools: Share from other players to complete missions
  • Gamble the way you want to unlock Player, Character, abilities and items.
  • Story approach where you uncover the various mysteries and things in this manner which makes you feel rewarded each time you discover something new.


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