How to decompile Pokemon GO APK 2018

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Do you want to know what’s inside Pokemon GO and see the changes from one version to another? Let’s talk about how you can easily do it with APKtool. In this article we will see how to decompile Pokemon GO APK. For this you will need the APK, which I will leave at the end of the article, as well as the APKtool library and some minimum knowledge of using git and BitBucket. As a result you will have the source code of Pokemon GO to which they allow access and you will be able to see more easily the changes between versions.You can check this out for more games.

How to decompile Pokémon GO APK

How to decompile Pokemon APK GO

These are the steps to follow to have the Pokemon GO source code:

  • Download APKtool.
  • Download the Pokemon GO APK.
  • Once you have downloaded both files, you must place us in the same folder. You can create a folder called, for example, “Pokemon GO”.
  • Now, open a console or command terminal in the path of the folder and write the following (note well write the library as apktool.jar and pokemongo.apk, because they may come with different names).
  • java -jar apktool.jar d pokemongo.apk
  • If everything went well, you will see the Pokemon GO source code and then you can know How to decompile Pokemon GO APK.

Obviously we will not find all the code of the game, but chains of strings, images, manifest … some data that will help us see the changes between versions.

Now you need to create a repository in BitBucket. Here you will upload the Pokemon GO code, to see the differences between one version or another. You will have to have a username and a repository name.

These are the git commands that you need to know:

  • git clone [email protected]: (user) / (name_repo) .git (it will appear in your repo if you click on clone). After executing the previous command, a folder with the name of your repository will appear and it will be empty.
  • Execute this command in the folder in which you have been working all the time, so that the repository appears next to the other folders.
  • Copy and paste the Pokemon folder you have decompiled into the empty repository folder that you just cloned (to appear in BitBucket).
  • Now enter the repository folder (with the Pokémon GO code folder that you have decompiled inside). Open a command console here and do the following:
  • git add.
  • git commit -m “the message you want”
  • git push origin master


If you go back to the folder where you have the repository and add another decompressed Pokemon APK and upload it to BitBucket just like we did, the file will be replaced and you will see changes from one version to another. New in green and erased, in red.

So you can spy on Pokemon GO changes and the apps you want!

Note: if you want access to the repository, you can leave me a comment.

Did it work? If you have any questions, ask me in the comments.

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