Is Robinhood Listing Shiba

Is Robinhood Listing Shiba. People have raised a petition for the shiba inu cryptocurrency coin to be listed on robinhood. Almost all top trading platforms around the world have listed shib except for robinhood.


Recently they announced that they will be listing crypto tokens. The robinhood (hood) shiba inu (shib) listing is confirmed. Shiba to be listed on robinhood.

Shiba Inu's (Shib) Price Hit Multiple Record Highs On Oct.

The shib army has been waiting for robinhood to list shiba inu for quite a long time now. @jimcramer puts you on the spot there @vladtenev about $shib 殺, @madmoneyoncnbc — the long pause after the question and little smile says it all. We’ll have to wait and watch for an official confirmation if the leading exchange will get shib onboard or not.

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A Spokesperson Told Newsweek That The Petition Had Become The 10Th Largest Petition On The Website For May.

Despite all of these, the shib community firmly believes that a listing is on the cards and could happen anytime. Robinhood remains the only major crypto trading platform that is yet to list shiba inu. Investors have started online petitions urging robinhood app to list shiba inu and have received close to 250,000 signatures.

Right From Starting Social Media Campaigns To Filing Online Petitions, They’ve Dedicatedly Tried Out All Possible Options From Their End.

Another source for the shiba ino token approaching the robinhood trading platform on twitter claims that in september 2021, the shiba inu cryptocurrency will be listed on coinbase and robinhood platforms. When it was first created, it was for stocks. The community is dedicated to see their favourite token make its way into robinhood and open the floodgates to new investors.

This User Named Del Crxpto Shared The Following Tweet On His Account On August 20, 2021.

This is about 6 months too late, the tweet on the official handle read. Current price of shiba inu coin Robinhood is a company that provides a stock trading app.

Has Led To The Community Seeking Listing And Acceptance On Renowned Global Platforms Such As Robinhood And Ebay.

The average robinhood user doesnt care tbh lol thats a plus for us! The robinhood (hood) shiba inu (shib) listing is confirmed. The crypto’s price flirted with.

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