Is Shib On Robinhood. A listing on robinhood will give over 31 million users access to shib which will have a positive impact on the asset’s price. If people want to be rich in 2022 or 2023, shib will be the way.


Over half a million people have signed an online petition calling for the shiba inu (shib) to be listed on the robinhood trading platform, as the decentralized tokens price recovers after a week in the red. The team wants to make the process as smooth as possible with no technical glitches during launch by april 2022. Following bitpay’s announcement, retail giant newegg announced that it too has begun accepting shib for payments.

I Don’t Think Robinhood Will Make Or Break Shib.

Shiba inu (aka shib) crypto is not on the robinhood platform. Crypto payment firm bitpay has added support for the meme cryptocurrency shiba inu. Robinhood finally responds to the shiba inu army.

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Shib Has Risen 25% In The Past 24 Hours, And Nearly Doubled In The Past Seven Days, According To Coingecko.

Dogecoin, shiba inu, and the other memecoins. The tweets reached feverous pitch in the last two months on ‘ hey robinhood when shib ?’ all over social media. 27 amid growing support for a robinhood listing of the dogecoin rival.

Shib’s Robinhood Petition Hits 500K Signatures, Becomes Leading Request On

This is not a cocky statement.simply a numbers game. Shib listing on robinhood is incoming! Seems like it will be after they launch the crypto wallet, no actual evidence but seems to be the general consensus.

However, The Revenues Dipped After Doge Failed To.

The source revealed that the robinhood team is currently working on the “backend integration” to get shib on board. International business times, singapore edition asia pacific If people want to be rich in 2022 or 2023, shib will be the way.

The Symbol Of Shib Is The Same Used By Doge, With The Only Difference.

The shiba ecosystem has three official coins $shib, $leash and $bone. The shiba inu (aka shib) cryptocurrency is not supported by robinhood. I have yet to invest in shiba.but this will def hit a penny after robinhood listing and the shib blockchain release.i think rh can make shib see 2 zeros.

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