Klima Dao Apy

Klima Dao Apy. This klima dao calculator is made to help you work out the potential of the token. The world will soon understand.

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At the current rebase rate, 1 klima will represent 1/2 that in 45 days. On top of that, klimadao is not only about passive income but also about the environmental benefits. There is a new project out that currently has an apy of nearly 1.6 million.

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Apy calculators for ohm , time and klima. 0 2,340 1 minute read. Forum discussions for klima dao.

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Annual Percentage Yield, Is The Normalized Representation Of An Interest Rate, Based On A Compounding Period Over One Year Assuming A Constant Reward Yield.

Klima dao follows the same rebase mechanism, with a current apy of close to 40,000%. A big shout out and thank you to brian 3, 3 over in the community for maki. While the industry is taking small but significant steps towards reducing carbon emission, a new project has come forward with some unique.

Its Goal Is To Encourage Emissions Cuts By Pushing Up The Price Of Carbon Assets

Reducing apy rewards allows klimadao to improve the health and sustainability of the protocol by increasing the risk free value (rfv) of bct in the treasury. Hope they can all keep it going. Apy calculators for ohm , time and klima.

Seems Hard Not To Be A Klima, Time, Ohm Maxi Right Now.

So if you bought one klima today, if the rebase rate stays the same. There will be literally zero reason for anyone to purchase klima if this passes. Is more valuable for new.

Breaking Blockchain November 2, 2021.

We absolutely need to hold the price or recover a bit. Even though klima trades at a heavy premium over the value of bct in its treasury, stakers are incentivized to disregard price movements as the high yield is supposed to outperform the eventual price convergence between klima and bct. The klima token allows web3 developers and users to engage in the carbon market through the klima dao.

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