Litecoin Is Dead

Litecoin Is Dead. If anything, its more alive than most coins. It is partly driven by the recent drop in the value of this crypto, as well as the announcement that litecoin would be shutting down litepay.

Is Litecoin Dead? LTC Elliott Wave Analysis
Is Litecoin Dead? LTC Elliott Wave Analysis from

So no!, litecoin is not dead, or dying, or going to burn out like most are saying. In 2020, many were asking the question, is litecoin dead? Been around for ages, listed on virtually most exchanges and has a small team working on it.

The Reduced Development Activity Is Very Concerning Diminishing Overall Confidence In The Project.

It's robust and will continue to be 10 yrs from now. Just like in 2017, the coin may suddenly grow up from the current $80. You can actually use it to pay for shit, not like most of these shicoins which promise heaven and all.

You Can't Argue Against History And Litecoin Has A Good One.

This announcement to a large extent caused panic amongst many people who bought. Seeing that litecoin is a faster and safer version of bitcoin (it’s lighter, safer, and faster), investors can change their priorities and switch to ltc. In fact, since the 2017 bull run & subsequent market crash, litecoin has outperformed many other major coins in the top 20.

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Should Litecoin Cease To Be Actively Maintained And Developed Going Forward, The Death Knell Could Be Ringing For The Project As A Whole.

In the transcripts, lee points out that litecoin has already established itself as a viable cryptocurrency. Litecoin is solving many problems, that have been begging to be solved for years, and that [litecoins game] has not even started, the opening credits have just been rolled up. In december last year, finmam claimed that litecoin was close to its end.

Been Around For Ages, Listed On Virtually Most Exchanges And Has A Small Team Working On It.

It’s now clear that litecoin (ltc) is neither dead nor dying. And noobs coming in that think bitcoin is too expensive may buy litecoin, thinking it's the lite beer of btc or something (you know, like those paypal crypto noobs). It is believed that ltc will dead drop by a handsome amount at the end of 2021.

No, Litecoin Is Very Alive And Kicking.

Litecoin diamond was founded in 2017, it is not trading on any exchanges. Litecoin is dead, it hasn't been updated in years, it's a practically abandoned coin. (one reason not to count it out) if playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

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