Map Of The Star Trek Galaxy

Map Of The Star Trek Galaxy. Maps of the galaxy, stations, and planets in star trek online. Star trek maps never make sense in the context of the dominion war and ds9.

Is there a Star Trek TNG galaxy map? startrek
Is there a Star Trek TNG galaxy map? startrek from

Map of the galaxy select a quadrant to view. The canadian galactic plane survey (cgps) created a radio map of the galaxy based on star trek ' s quadrants,. The milky way galaxy was one of two trillion galaxies believed to exist.

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Here’s the current map of star trek federation space and the taurus reach i’m using. Star charts is this one and it has several broader and more concentrated variations too. There's this map i found online.

Maps Of The Galaxy, Stations, And Planets In Star Trek Online.

Oof, that's a whole thing. Download the full galaxy map pdf (9 meg). Map of the galaxy select a quadrant to view.

The Maps Also Include A List Of Federation Members And An Overview Of Various Planets.

Welcome to the most comprehensive map of the star wars galaxy, featuring planets from the movies, tv shows, and expanded universe. In general, four quadrants (alpha, beta, gamma and delta) make up. · also, rather than use ordinals, star trek designates them by the greek letters alpha, beta, gamma, and delta.

With Season 10, There Are 68 Such Sectors.

If this map were true, then the bajor system would be an entire federation away from the romulans and klingons (aka months and months of warp speed travel away) when in the context of the show that'd make no sense (the impression being that klingon space is relatively a short jump away while. The cytherians, from the next generation episode the nth degree, are located near this area. It's the most comprehensive star trek.

The Canadian Galactic Plane Survey (Cgps) Created A Radio Map Of The Galaxy Based On Star Trek ' S Quadrants,.

You can use this page to browse and explore the galaxy and find links to wookieepedia articles about the locations. The maps themselves are well researched and properly projected to 2d. Star trek fleet command interactive map.