Mobile video games: Meet the 10 Best Mobile Games of 2018

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Soo here are some Best Mobile Games of 2018 as some days are left of 2017 and for 2018 i select 10 games which will be the best games.

This situation is not alien to mobile phones (smartphones) or tablets, devices where video games have earned their space and compete in the entertainment industry.

In the following list -which you can also check in the gallery at the top- we tell you what the 10 best smartphone games have been for us, whether you use the Android or iOS system.

Best Mobile Games of 2018

List Of 10 Best Mobile Games of 2018

Position 10: Into the Dead 2
Price: Free

The game of PIKPOK takes advantage of all its graphic and sound resources to immerse you in a horror runner in which you have to fight your way through innumerable zombies. Unlike its predecessor that lacked history, this installment narrates the difficulties of James, a man who tries to reunite with his father, sister and daughter in the middle of the apocalypse.

Into the Dead 2 follows the format that made its first part so successful. In addition, it adds a system of daily challenges to maintain the interest of the most veteran and bet on a community system. It can be attributed a slight profiling to the ‘pay to win’ (pay to win) since every so often offers you an ‘improved weapon’ for money, but hopefully it does not continue insisting on such a criticized practice and it will be enetered in Best Mobile Games of 2018.

At the level of mechanics and control, this title maintains a perfect copy of its predecessor, something questionable to lose the opportunity to experiment or refine this section in its second part, but ‘if it is not broken, do not fix’. In a general view, recommended.

Position 9: South Park: Phone Destroyer
Price: Free

A new adventure, or misadventure, of the characters of the well-known series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. In this title you embody the ‘new kid’ of the city who meets to play and direct ‘Indians and cowboys’ in the comical style of South Park.

South Park: Phone Destroyer marks the first steps of an interesting approach to revitalize the role genre. Adapting the mechanics of the popular Clash Royale in their favor, betting on a multiplayer (which is still in diapers and waiting for an optimization) and adding the dose of humor characteristic of the series, this new title earns this position and its respective recommendation .

Position 8: LONEWOLF (17+)
Price: Free

Intrigue and mystery The game puts you in the role of a relentless hitman who seeks revenge in the midst of a conspiracy and a revolutionary group.

This game of shots / sniper seems at the beginning not to propose anything extraordinary, but while advancing with its history, it poses to the player very good challenges in each mission. Simple, easy to learn, fun and a light comic style ‘noir’ that feels pretty good. They give you bullets and targets, everything you can require from a shooter game.

Position 7: Stranger Things: The Game
Price: Free

The popular Netflix series in an 8-bit cartridge. Relive the famous story giving life to all the main characters in a video game that simulates the graphics of the 80 ‘.

There is not much to say about this delivery. It is the story of the series, but in videogame. With its graphics and sounds, it seeks to appeal to longing (as did the series) to catch users, a purpose that is easily achieved. If you would like to walk around Hawkins in a different way, this game is for you.

Position 6: Loner
Price: Free

Loner, a different and unique experience in its own way. There are no fights, no explosions, no complex stories to unravel. Just control an airplane in the middle of infinity. Put on your headphones and enjoy a different concept of relaxation.

This title shines and draws attention for its contemplative nature. It is not the first one that tries to give an experience like this, and surely it is not the best, but it is the most attractive for smartphones this year. If you think that video games are shooting, explosions, zombies and fights, Loner will be a pleasant surprise if you give him the opportunity. Because of its minimalist intention and its different objectives in terms of entertainment, it is deservedly positioned in this position and on of the Best Mobile Games of 2018.

Best Mobile Games of 2018

Position 5: Sunless Sea
Prices/. 3. 4

Losing your sanity Eat your crew. Die. Nothing more true in this video game that comes from PC to smartphones. This difficult title gives you the command of a ship that has to travel an adventure full of mysteries in a cursed ocean full of lovecraftian creatures.Some games i posted in my previous articles you can check click here.

This ‘roguelike’ (adventure based on the exploration of dungeons) conquered the desktop and now seeks to consolidate in smartphones. It fulfills in all the senses: increasing difficulty, pure and hard survival, an attractive atmosphere and an interesting history full of mysteries. Getting this game costs, but it’s worth every penny.

Position 4. Fire Emblem Heroes
Price: Free

New and simplified mechanics designed to enjoy this classic title of the genre in smartphones, without losing a bit of ‘epicity’ that characterizes the Fire Emblem franchise.

Is it easy to adapt successful videogames from other platforms to smartphones? No. Fire Emblem Heroes is the test of fire that Nintendo had to adapt a video game as powerful as the deliveries of this franchise. Can you get it? With profit. The games have the correct degree of difficulty and the tactical factor by the user is always required. A Fire Emblem worthy of highlighting.

Position 3. Beholder
Prices/. 16.99

Be part of an Orwellian universe and become the vigilant and omnipresent Big Brother. Spy on your neighbors and look for evidence to incriminate them, or discover how to save them. You decide whether to support the authoritarian government or circumvent the system and is on the third position of Best Mobile Games of 2018.

Beholder is another great title adapted from PC to smartphones. The video game places you in a dystopian country where the authoritarian government in power abuses its power and keeps everything under control with the exploitation of its citizens and the corruption of its officials. This regime hires you / forces you to be his spy to support this system. The strong proposal of this title is the decision making and how the story changes after the outcomes of these. There is a constant moral theme in each sub-plot that develops and the tension is perennial, to the point that makes you rethink your actions in each situation. In this story, nothing is white or black. Recommended.

Posotion 2. Tap Souls
Price: Free

Spiritual heir of the Souls on smartphone. Fight with a variety of enemies, get allies and improve your stats in this role-playing game. Addictive like none and with updates and continuous references that maintain the expectation of those who consider themselves followers of the From Software saga and its on the second place of Best Mobile Games of 2018.

It is not new that the titles of From Software, especially in which Hidetaka Miyazaki was involved, cause a great sensation among lovers of video games. Tap Souls is a love letter to Dark Souls. This videogame is full of references to the trilogy of consoles and PCs and tries to respect and adapt its formula. Gets it? Each one will draw their conclusions, but what is undeniable is that this game for smartphones is attractive and addictive, especially since it really shows that TaleSoft Studio is very committed to refining its formula adapted in each update.

Position 1. Monument Valley 2
Prices/. 17

Sequel to the popular and award-winning game of ustwo games. An adventure full of puzzles and with a beautiful graphic section, able to isolate you in this unforgettable fantasy full of color.

This installment knows itself and has clear objectives, turning it into a title without pretensions and captivating at the same time. The story of the journey of a mother and her daughter becomes a very special fantasy because of the warmth in the good design of the scenarios and puzzles that we will have to overcome. All these details achieve a synergy that results in this video game for smartphone is positioned in the first place of Best Mobile Games of 2018.

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