Ness Frame Data

Ness Frame Data. See hitboxes, hurtboxes, and accompanying move data as the move plays. Start studying ultimate ness frame data.

SSBU Ness Reveal Frame Data Analysis YouTube
SSBU Ness Reveal Frame Data Analysis YouTube from

This page was last edited on 24 november 2015, at 19:20. Yo what the fuck is up with snakes frame data. Official patch notes for 13.0.0 out now!

I Understand Snake Is Awful On Shield But This Man Is Moving Way To Fast For How Hard These Moves Hit.

Aug 7, 2018 · 1 min read. Yo what the fuck is up with snakes frame data. Fox's shine out of shield takes 4 frames as he can shine on the first frame that he's airborne on, which happens to be frame 4.

Shield Lag Is Just Extra Freeze Frames That Both The Attacker And Defender Suffer, So It Does Not Affect Frame Advantage.shield Stun Is The Amount Of Frames That The Defender Is Stuck After Shield Lag Ends.;

To knock snake off of cypher you need to do 7% damage in doubles or 8.4% damage in singles with a single hit. Sheik's neutral air out of shield has the following data: Shows all raw data for a hitbox.

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Launch angle, 361 denotes the sakurai angle base knockback. Start date jan 28, 2013; First prev 2 of 2 go to page.

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This Is A Guide To Ness In The Game Super Smash Bros.

Start studying ultimate ness frame data. Everything about ness, including how to unlock them, bread and butter combos, frame data, alt costumes and skins, as well as ness matchups and counters, can be found here. Ness overall is faster, has better frame data and especially better landing, and has a ton of qol to make ness a much smoother and less clunky character.

So In My Constant Crusade To Improve Ness Overall, I Got Myself Down To Work And Compiled A Ness Frame Data Thread, Much Like A Bunch Of Others Have.

Dropping your shield (shield drop). Sh / fh / shff / fhff frames — 37 / 49 / 26 / 34 fall speed / fast fall speed — 1.68 (limit — 1.848) / 2.688 (limit — 2.9568) out of shield, up b — 7 frames 34 rows ness's frame data [1.1.6] statistic value/rank statistic value/rank.

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