Nvidia Gtx 1060 Temperature Limit. In terms of temp, max temp for gpu was 77 ish and the cpu is 99. Looks like to issue specific to some particular vendors.

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The actual temp limit is 92c. 22.7 mh/s 23 mh/s per gpu But yes, i think you are probably right.

82% ± Based On Your Temps.

If anything i think i should fix the cpu first rip if your laptop is still within warranty i would suggest contacting dell and getting it sorted. In our standard setup with an ambient temperature of 22 °c, we measured 68 to 69 °c. The good news continues with our gaming loop results.

Should Not Really Have To Do This, In Most Reviews The Gtx 1060 Is Noted For It Low Temps Under Load.

6 gtx 1060 6g oc power limit: Im willing to go into a vc if need be as well, i just dont understand why i cant even manage atleast 60 fps with my specs. Your card will never go above 83c.

Get More Cooling Through The Case.

But yes, i think you are probably right. The default temp limit is 83c. The actual temp limit is 92c.

The Card Is Inside An Enthoo Pro Which Is A Rather Large Case And The Only Airflow On The Card Is From The 200Mm Front Case Fan With Minimal Rpm.

These cards will last for 5+ years if you game at 83c for 3 hours every single day. You should keep it under 80°c for best performance. You can increase the voltage without getting into unsafe settings, this is mainly because the bios on board of the graphics card will allow a certain amount of voltage over stock and prevent you from going further and actually cause damages.

In Another Room At 20 °C, And Using A Less Demanding Full Hd Workload, We Finally Replicated Nvidia's 65 °C.

For anything below the above hashrate you should consider a possible hardware fault, incorrect overclocking or temperature throttling. After reaching its maximum temperature, the geforce gtx 1060 emits just 35.4 db(a). The maximum temp range of 1060 3 gb or 6 gb is 105°c but it will start thermal throttling.

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