Pokemon GO will stop operating on Apple iOS 11 exempt devices

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Since the portento Pokemon Go reached the iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) in the summer of 2016 has not done more than grow, the app developed by Niantic caused a real revolution as it discovered a new and new way of explore the planet Pokemon ·

Apple iOS 11
The remote app of being in a simple summer boom will not do more than grow with more recent user and updates that improve the skill of the user and put completely new creatures chance and is that Nintendo after seeing the world success seems to have explicit that does not think abandoning death to Pokemon on smartphones, at this time, if not completely going to be good news, and is that the developer of the game to news in its next update the app will stop operating on iOS devices that do not include iOS eleven ·

If you are an Apple user with a device that can not renew to iOS 11 and you are also a Pokemon Go fan, we have bad news, the next update, scheduled for February 28, Pokemon Go will stop operating on all unsupported devices with iOS 11, so Niantic has assured, since the most recent improvements that they plan to make would not run correctly on devices prior to iOS 11 ·

Here we detail which melody devices that stop delivering Pokemon Go help, in between are iPhone® and iPad devices ·

This is the complete list of Apple’s iPhone® and iPad that will no longer be compatible with Pokemon Go as of February 28, 2018:

iPhone 5
Iphone 5c
iPad 2
iPad 3
iPad 4
iPad mini (1st generation)

If you are a user of Pokemon Go on any of these devices, we regret to inform you that you should use other iOS devices compatible with iOS 11 to be able to use the app either acceptably through iPhone® or iPad, as Niantic plans to use ARKit technology of increased ingenuity to make Pokemon Go even more realistic game

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