QuickBooks File Doctor Free Download 2018

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If you are aspiring to succeed in the business world, you have probably heard about QuickBooks. If this is a new term to you, then worry not. QuickBooks file doctor is an accounting software suite that offers an easy and effective means for business people to manage and pay bills, accepts payments and meet payroll functions. It is developed by Intuit.

QuickBooks file doctor

Those who have used QuickBooks before can attests that there are many problems that they face while using this software package. Many users have problems opening the QuickBooks company file. Fortunately, there is an impeccable solution to these QuickBooks errors.

Most of the QuickBooks software suite users are familiar with QuickBooks file doctor. So, “What is QuickBooks file doctor?” It is a simple repairing software that helps fix any type of data and file corruption, windows problems and network errors among many other QuickBooks issues. With this software, you will be able to check your company’s damaged file and try to troubleshoot the problems immediately.

Everything You Should Know About QuickBooks File Doctor-How It Can Help

One interesting thing about QuickBooks file doctor is that, it is as a result of combination of QuickBooks Company file diagnostic Tool and QuickBooks network connectivity diagnostic tool. This means that with your QuickBooks repair file software, you can solve many problems that affect QuickBooks software users.

Before you even find the QuickBooks file doctor download, you have to ascertain how this tool can help you in your daily undertakings. Basically, it is the most reliable, exclusive and useful software package to troubleshoot QuickBooks related issues. For instance:

  • imagine if you have lost some employees data or company files.
  • If you are facing 6000 series errors- 6150, 6146, 6130 and many others.
  • when you are experiencing if network problems mainly when it comes to accessing multi-user set-up issues such as errors H101, H202, H303 or H505.
  • you are trying to get hold of company files in one system which is stored in another system.

Repairing Data Errors Using QuickBooks File Doctor

You cannot just get the QuickBooks file repair software and think that you are set to go. There is a lot that you have to keep in mind. Because you know how important and effective this tool is, here is how to go about it;

  1. You need to install QuickBooks file doctor
    • Start by downloading the QuickBooks file doctor and run the QBFD.exe file that will appear after you have clicked on the download button.
    • The installation procedure will commence immediately
    • On your personal computer, check and confirm whether you have .Net Framework file. If you don’t have it, then the QBFD suite will download it automatically.
    • You can now follow up the simple installation procedure if you are using windows or another program. The same process is applicable if you are installing QuickBooks file doctor for mac.

Noteworthy, if you have the latest QuickBooks version on your computer, the first thing to do is to uninstall the older version before you download and install it.

  1. Go on and double click on the QuickBooks file doctor package save in the desktop and begin the procedure.
  2. A dialog box will pop up and you have to follow up the steps listed. And they include:
  • Look for the company file that you want to diagnose. Go on and click on “Diagnose File”. QuickBooks Diagnose File.
  • Login the username and password of the company file that you want to countercheck
  • Click on QuickBooks desktop file doctor.
  • Wait for the a few minutes until the diagnosis process is complete. You don’t have to force the diagnosis process, everything will work as expected.
  • Now you can go on and select Workstation or Server. Make sure you pick the right option especially if the QuickBooks file is physically stored in the system.
  1. You have a few decision to make if the system shows that you share your company file.

After running QuickBooks desktop file doctor and you get:

Select Yes: If you are running file doctor on your server computer or host computer hosting the company file.

Select No: If you are running the file doctor tool on a computer that is not hosting the company file.

  1. After QuickBooks file doctor completes diagnosis and repair:
  • Close the file doctor.
  • Try and open the company file and check if the error is resolved.

There are three possibilities to expect after using the QuickBooks file doctor to resolve QB errors. They are:

  1. QuickBooks File Doctor did not find a problem- If this happens, you have to log in back into your company file, and if you still cannot open it, then it is wise and recommended by QuickBooks to start the Auto data recovery setup. Then you can enter the transaction since you made your last backup.
  2. QuickBooks was able to find an error and diagnosed it – Just click “Open New Company” file when the repair process is complete.
  3. QuickBooks found a problems but was not able to resolve it- You are recommended to run the Auto data recovery setup and enter the transactions manually since the last backup you had. Then “Upload” your company file.

Using QuickBooks File Doctor to Solve Network and Related Errors

When solving network errors even with the best QuickBooks component repair tool download, QB file doctor is cannot solve the problem if there are many versions installed into your system. In such case, you will be required to take your file to another system where only one version is installed. This is major issue business people face when using QuickBooks file doctor. Other limitations include:

  • Need for a network connection for easy uploading and manual QuickBooks repair
  • Your company file should not occupy a space of more than 2GB.
  • If you have installed multiple versions
  • File doctor is only available for US and UK QuickBooks version.
  • Simply use QuickBooks file doctor download if you are not able to get hold of the company file.

QuickBooks file doctor is an exclusive tool to rely on whenever you have QuickBooks problems. However, if you are not able to repair the errors you are experiencing, it is wise and recommended by Intuit to seek the help of professionals in the field. To be precise, seek the services of QuickBooks technical support teams online.

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