Samsung S22 Battery Life Reddit

Samsung S22 Battery Life Reddit. The update weighs around 485mb. The s22u gets good battery life (up to 10 hours) but that's only good compared to the base s22 or s22+.

Best Android Phones 2022 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Best Android Phones 2022 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra from

With a bit of pokemon go/worldbox on the side. S10 galaxy plus still might be the best phone pound for pound. This thread will help you improve battery on samsung flagship devices especially s22 series by tweeking some settings.

To Those Of You Struggling With Battery Life, I Assure You, It Gets Better And Incredibly Sudden.

The only problem is that it seems that there's a chip lottery with the s22 series right now and you might or might not get a good chip. For the size of the battery i gotta be honest its disappointing and hasn't at least in that aspect lived up to the hype. It's a surprise that samsung let this one leave the factory.

The Middle Child Out Of The Bunch, The Galaxy S22 Plus In The Series, Comes With A 4,500 Mah Battery.

The galaxy s21 plus lasted 9:22 and 9:52 in adaptive and 60hz modes, so that's a pleasant surprise. The overnight idle battery drain was in the range of 0.5%/ hour, which is slightly higher. 1tb s22 ultra about 6 sot hours if from 100% but 5 1/2 from 85%.

The Galaxy S22'S Vibrant Green Shade And Matte Brushed Metal.

S10 galaxy plus still might be the best phone pound for pound. The galaxy s22 series received its april 2022 update earlier this month, promising to fix a few pertinent issues. The update weighs around 485mb.

These Suggestion Are From My Personal Experience And Some Suggestions From Twitter Family.

When you get a brand new phone, the battery will take time to adjust to your usage and optimize its performance, so waiting and continuing to use the device will result in a better battery life over time, usually a few days to a week after. S22 battery life is a problem. These battery life test results of samsung's small flagship smartphone correspond to the impressions published by daniel bader, who noted that his galaxy s22 also only managed 4.5 and 5 hours of.

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Still on the first update, haven't received any update since launch. The galaxy s22's design was one of its most striking elements when i reviewed the phone four months ago, and that still holds true. For the initial few days, the battery life was decent, lasting close to a day with ~5.5 hours of usage.