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Do you own an alarm clock? Most definitely you do or your children have a few alarm clocks in their bedrooms. Alarm clocks are one of the common and mostly present fixture in many bedrooms. But, do they help us get better sleep? Alarm clocks have been in use since time immemorial and we still embrace them to date as they solve a real problem when it comes to waking up in the morning.  In essence, alarm clocks ensure we wake up on time. With advent of technology, things have changed tremendously. And today, we even have sleep cycle alarm clock apk that you can download onto your smartphones.

sleep cycle alarm clock apk

How Commendably Does Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Work?

Many people and families are using sleep cycle alarm clock applications. But do they really help you sleep better? To answer this question, you have to look at how a sleep cycle alarm clock works and even before you click the apk download button. A sleep cycle is an intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you up in the lightest sleep stage. This sleep cycle clock tracks your sleep patterns and will wake you when you have rested enough and you are relaxed for the new day.You can use system app remover also.

When you are sleeping, you go through sleep cycles. The first stages is light sleep, followed by a deep sleep and then the dream state. This full sleep cycle may take about 90 minutes and it is repeated several times in a night. Sleep cycle alarm clock uses sound analysis to identify sleep states by following up your movements in bed and will wake you up softly at the lightest sleep possible. Sleep cycle alarm clock android uses the accelerometer in your smartphone to track your movements in bed and determine when it is the right time to wake you up.

Downloading a Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Apk-Everything to Know

Because you know the many benefits of a sleep cycle alarm clock and how it works, it is wise to download the best sleep cycle alarm android apk. The best way to do it is by looking at the sleep cycle app review. You can also seek recommendations from friends and relatives who have used sleep cycle apps for android before. In addition, you have to decide whether to opt for free sleep apps for android or premium apk downloads.

All in all, there are amazing features of the sleep cycle alarm clock apk to consider whether you opt for free or premium android versions. They include:

  • Detailed sleep graphs and statistics
  • Sleep analysis with patented sound analysis technology in your smartphone
  • Well selected alarm melodies and ease use of your own music as wake up sound
  • Snooze by double tapping or shaking your phone lightly
  • Completely integrated exchanges heart rate and sleep analysis
  • Customizable wake up tap window
  • Sleep notes- Makes it easy to see how events such as eating too much, drinking coffee or a stressful day impacts your sleep quality.
  • Weather notes- see how weather condition of the night or day affects your sleep quality
  • Heart rate monitor feature- Measures your testing heart rate using th built-in camera in your android device.
  • Snore trends feature where you view your historical snore trends information and
  • Sleep aid features that helps your fall asleep faster

Ready to use this intelligent alarm clock? Simply find and download a sleep cycle alarm clock apk from the best website and download it instantly to your smartphone. It is a simple procedure that will help you make waking up easy.

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