Solana Down

Solana Down. Currently, solana is commanding a market cap of little more than $27.3 billion, which was around $80 billion during its golden days. The latest tweets from @solana

Solana cofounder claims the network was not down or DDoS
Solana cofounder claims the network was not down or DDoS from

The latest tweets from @solana Earlier this month, solana went down due to a ddos attack. There is a correlation between price appreciation and public interest in cryptocurrencies, such as solana.

Solana, A Rival Blockchain Network To Ethereum And One Whose Native Cryptocurrency Has Surged In Value And Activity In Recent Months, Has Been Down For Nearly Four Hours As Of This Writing.

The latest tweets from @solana The blockchain network's sol cryptocurrency is down roughly 16.5% over the past week as of 4 p.m. As the crypto market bled profusely on friday, solana witnessed another network crash that caused panic among traders and defi users across the crypto community.

Solana Ensures Composability Between Ecosystem Projects By Maintaining A Single Global State As The Network Scales.

The solana network has suffered yet another outage, raising questions about its reliability. While there are agreements that solana’s network has fundamental flaws, why and how to fix them. According to the solana community's telegram group, the ddos attack may be the main reason behind the downtime on the main network.

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There Is A Correlation Between Price Appreciation And Public Interest In Cryptocurrencies, Such As Solana.

In the latest outage, the solana network was down for nearly 30 hours between january 21 and 22. A large increase in transaction load caused a peak of 400,000 transactions per second, causing the outage. Another network outage causes some users to lose trust.

Users Suspect That Spam Has Overloaded The Network.

The official solana support twitter account. Earlier this month, solana went down due to a ddos attack. The solana network has had several issues over the past few months, and the most recent was the second in january, but unlike the others, the most recent outage lasted around 48 hours.

The Network Has Been Facing Multiple Issues In The Last Couple Of Months.

Solana went down again at two o'clock in the morning (utc+8) on january 4th. However, in the january crypto market bloodbath, sol has been one of the hardest hit. The altcoin had a phenomenal 2021 despite minor ups and downs.

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