They pull an iPhone X from the highest bridge in California and survive

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iPhone X from the highest bridge

When the launch of the iPhone X occurred, it was subjected to a large number of endurance tests to give consumers interested in buying the smartphone an idea of ​​the quality of their materials and their design.

Taking into account that the iPhone X has a glass back cover, the mobile phone of the anniversary did not go bad during these tests. Although many users think that the glass is too fragile.

But what would happen to the iPhone X if it suffered a fall of more than 300 meters? A user has decided to submit the mobile device to a resistance test from one of the highest points in California and, interestingly, the iPhone X survives the fall. Do not miss it, the images in the video are amazing.


Resistance test of the iPhone X

The iPhone X in question was dropped completely “naked”. That is, without any type of cover or protection. The resistance test was produced from the highest bridge in California, in an impressive fall of vertigo …

After being launched from a height of more than 300 meters, the glass panels of the front and back of the mobile phone of the company of the bitten apple obviously broke. But incredibly, the iPhone X was still working.

Most interesting, despite the fact that the glass was broken into pieces, the structure of the steel chassis remained intact after the fall. Without a doubt, it is a smartphone of surprising strength.

What’s more, in fact, the YouTuber TechRax that carried out this brutal resistance test could even recover the recorded video of the fall of the iPhone X itself. These resistance tests give us an idea of ​​the fabulous quality of the materials and the great Apple smartphone design.

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