Top 10 Video Games Recommend to you for Summer – 2018

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Summer is already here, and with it a little free time that you may want to take advantage of to play some of the Top 10 Video Games that has been coming out in recent times. If you do not know which one to choose, do not worry, because here we leave you a list with 10 videogames recommended to you.

We have everything from the most modern to other classics that are not so, console titles, computer or mobile of all kinds of genres so you have to choose. We present the track arranged in alphabetical order, and next to each title you have a small description written by whoever has proposed it.

“It does not matter if you’re as bad as I am at the FPS (First Person Shooter):

‘Battlefield 1’

It’s so fun and it’s so full of surprises that it will end up catching you. You can die in 100 different ways, and it will be worth losing in each of them. By graphics, by soundtrack and by gameplay, is for me an essential. Ah: I’m not that bad anymore. That’s what it takes to take a few hours. ”

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Top 10 video games1

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a 2013 video game that in 2015 reached PS4 and Xbox One. It is also available on iOS and Android, as well as on PC and last generation consoles.

It is a small game, created by an independent study, without any of these things taking away even a bit of merit. Brothers offers a rather unique experience, something rare in a market saturated with shooters, RPGs, and adventure games that are so similar.

The core of both the history and the mechanics of the game are the brothers. You start your adventure controlling both with the same command, each stick controls a brother, and while you learn to coordinate their movements to solve quite ingenious puzzles, you will find yourself quite captivated by the story and the relationship of Naiee and Naia.

In a few hours you will have finished one of the most memorable adventures that a videogame can offer you, and unless you have no heart, at least one tear will end up casting.

Clash Royale

Top 10 video games2

Everyone talks about Clash Royale, Supercell’s strategy game for smartphones. If you are looking for a candidate to fill free moments this summer, its mechanics are simple: destroy the tower of the enemy king. For this you will have to set up a deck of cards with different troops (tanks, spells, airstrikes, support, etc.) and measure the times well and on which side to attack. It’s free (although it includes in-app purchases) and has a huge player community around you, even with YouTube channels dedicated to it.

Grand Theft Auto V

Top 10 video games3

That a game of 2013 often continues to take over sales rankings four years later is quite revealing. Until their arrival, the GTAs were fun to allow us to do what we could never do in a city: jump on a parachute, start a flight that starts with a deputy commissioner running after us and ends with the SWAT with cannon fire or steal a sports car and put it at 200 km / h on the seafront. All this, which was already a selling point, was rounded off by the GTA V with a story that for the first time ended massively. World, possibilities and narrative. Driving and shooting. History and characters. The V has everything and never goes out of style.


Top 10 video games

Since Link’s recent open world does not need any further promotion, I will take the opportunity to recommend ‘Journey’, a very special and small game whose interactive proposal is more emotional than dexterous. It is a short and simple adventure but very intense and with a design, music and a beautiful atmosphere. The history leaves poso for its great symbolism and if you are lucky enough to share the trip with a stranger it will be a unique experience.

Life is Strange

Top 10 video games5

I highly recommend “Life is Strange”, a delicious and essential graphic adventure that engages all types of audiences. Playing this game and accompanying its two protagonists goes beyond the ludic, it is almost a vital experience from which you can learn many things about the world and about yourself.

Strong emotions, pure feelings, more than one tear falling down your cheek and a soundtrack worthy of an exquisite taste, that’s all that awaits you if you enter the universe of Life is Strange that fortunately, promises a second part for this year.

Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods is a small independent jewel. It is an adventure with touches of plataformero, which will remind you of those old graphic adventures but with a style that is already typical of this title. Music, atmosphere and history with excellent. Your purchase is almost mandatory for anyone looking for entertainment on their Mac or PC this summer.

Old Man’s Journey


You are facing an epic. Old Man’s Journey places us in the skin of an old man, who remembers important moments of his life while traveling the world.

We must help you so that you can move forward and overcome all obstacles. It is a different platform game, and it will keep you stuck to the screen of your mobile device for a long time. As if that were not enough, it is also available for PC.


If you’re looking for a quick and casual game to relax this summer, Overwatch, Blizzard’s FPS, can be a great option. You will soon learn to handle the different characters and enjoy a colorful and fresh graphic section. Perhaps his strong point is to play with friends and get a competitive team. In addition, it incorporates new content every short time, so if you end up tainted, you’ll have a game for a while.

Papers, Please

Summer is also the time to face classics that once happened to us. If Papers please has not gone through your game, I can only recommend it: a simple mechanics for one of the best landings of a dystopia that I have known in videogames. And now it’s very very cheap, with console versions and mobile platforms available.


The creators of ‘Dishonored’ had the difficult ballot to reinterpret the fantastic universe of the ‘Prey’ of 2006, however they managed to overcome with the namesake ‘Prey’ of this year. Demanding and overwhelming as few, they have known that we understand to the extreme what it means to be alone in space … surrounded by an extremely dangerous and changing alien entity. You could say that they have managed to create, by sensations, a new ‘BioShock’.

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