Top 5 Essential programs for Linux – 2018

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Here are top 5 Essential programs for Linux.The world of Linux is full of software-level alternatives. For almost everything you may need, there is a good application that will help you.

Although there is much to choose from, choosing the right application can be a bit confusing and exhausting. Today I will announce the easiest selection on 5 essential applications that can not be missing from your computer.

Of course, it’s just a simple list since each one has different needs, so in the end we could agree on the comments section.

Essential programs for Linux

1. Google Chrome for Linux (Free)

Google Chrome is an extremely complete browser. If it is a quick search, the Google browser can help you reach the desired speed. In addition, it has good synchronization capabilities, helping you keep your search history and bookmarks on all your devices.

The large number of extensions that are available for this browser is also a point in its favor and if you are used to the Google ecosystem or use an Android smartphone, Google Chrome is an excellent choice.

2. Transmission for Linux (Free)

If you are a person who usually downloads torrent files and needs a simple but capable application, then the Transmission application is ideal for you.

Transmission follows a minimalist interface style but is quite complete and, most likely, has all the functionality you may need. In addition, it is Open-Source and is installed in many Linux distributions.

3. VLC for Linux (Free)

VLC is an open source multimedia player, very famous and is the choice of many people to enjoy movies, watch videos in general and listen to music on the computer.

It is simple enough to work, lightweight and is capable of reading the vast majority of video formats that exist. Another great advantage of this application is the presence of extensions that allow you to perform various tasks, such as downloading subtitles from the VLC itself.

4. GIMP for Linux (Free)

If you need a good application to edit photographs then, it is best to install GIMP. This application is the alternative to Photoshop, but for Linux.

GIMP is Open-Source, has immense functionalities and is an excellent software for manipulating images. Bring immense tools to make your images or photos even better. In addition, there are many third-party plugins that make the user experience even better.

5. Sublime Text for Linux

If you are a programmer then this next suggestion is for you. Sublime Text is a fast and very flexible source code editor that natively supports several programming languages.

It is a free application for evaluation but does not impose a time limit, you can use it for as long as you want. It has a fairly simple and clean interface that helps you stay focused while you are working. In addition, it is one of the most famous publishers that exist in its category.

6. Conclusion

These were only 5 essential applications that you can install on your computer with Linux. Remember that there are many alternatives and a lot to choose from and this is undoubtedly one of the great advantages of Linux.Also you can check out new Fuchsia OS.

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