UMIGIZI Z2, real photographs of a new clone of the iPhone X

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You may like more or less the planning of the iPhone® X, then what we can not deny is that it is subject to being cloned -or copied- by ​​other brands to attract the public. · The subsequent candidate that arrives in China is the UMIGIZI Z2, an interesting terminal that could have a battery that reaches 3 days of autonomy ·

iPhone X
It is not the first, nor will it be the last one to copy the fraction in front of the iPhone® X; that is to say, to have a display free of frames in which there are not even physical buttons or fingerprint readers · The UMIGIZI Z2 is a side that moves rumored in certain months · And it has not been even at this moment that they have been able to visualize iconography The real ones that await us in the future
of the UMIGIZI Z2 clone of the <strong> iPhone </ strong>  X

Unfortunately, in the filtering that the GizmoChina cover has left us, no technical determinations have been discovered: no screen dimension; nor the processor that will use this UMIGIZI Z2; how much place will we hold in internal or a fairly important data, what will be its value in how it is put on sale? However, something we can discover: according to rumors, this terminal would have a battery of 7,000 milliamps of fitness · And then this figure may surprise you, it is not crazy lack · Its last extensive implementation has resulted in the UMIGIZI S2 Lite that has a battery of 5,100 mAh ·

Meanwhile, the famous «Notch» – that small island in the best fraction of the iPhone® X where sensors, TrueDepth camera, etc. are housed – is also in this close momentum of the Asian company · Of course, the side will be based in Android® and it is quite admissible that it has a facial recognition technology to free the side · They call it 3D Face Unlock · However according to the filtered photos, in the later fraction we would also have the fingerprint reader under the camera sensors of photographs ·

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