Watch movies, series and anime on your Android totally free with the Repelis Plus app [APK]

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Today, there are countless things we can do with Android world applications. From being able to get e-books, take pictures “cloning”, block applications, listen to music for free streaming, and even meet people close to you. It is definitely amazing all the possibilities that offers us an Android device, just as incredible is the application that I will share today in this post, which will allow us to be able to see totally free countless movies, series and anime from the comfort of our smartphone the tablet.

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This great app is named Repelis Plus, and the truth is very well implemented. The developers have given a friendly interface in which the user will be able to easily handle the application and will navigate between the different sections that it offers. Everything is distributed in a simple way so as not to complicate so much, and we can see that the catalog of this app is divided mainly in movies, series and anime. But if we select one of these 3 categories we can find another subdivision, this time by the type or genre of the film or series.

It is also worth mentioning that we will not be able to find this application in the Google Play Store, but to install it in our Android terminal we will have to do it from the APK file. So in the final part of this post, I leave the links for you to download the Repelis Plus APK file and install it on your phone or tablet. Likewise, you will find just below these lines a video showing the operation of this app.

So, without more to add, here I leave the video. And do not forget to share the post if you helped!


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