WhatsApp continues unstoppable: reaches 1,200 million active users

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Mark Zuckerberg has presented the report of results of the last quarter of the company Facebook Inc in his official Facebook account. According to the results, can boast of having resolved last year with a net profit of 10,217 million dollars, so we would be talking about 177% more than the previous year, which closed with 3,688 million dollars.

A growth that has managed to overcome all estimates of Wall Street but does not depend only on the social network, but also the other services that are part of the group. In this sense, WhatsApp, the instant messaging service, grows back one more year declaring a whopping 1.2 billion active monthly users.

20% more monthly active users

As we say, the application has gained 200 million new users in the last year, which translates into a growth of 20% that perhaps written on paper may seem little, but we must take into account many other circumstances. First, WhatsApp competes directly with another social network of the group, Messenger, which has 1,000 million active users inherited directly from the social network matrix.

In this sense, Facebook played a good strategy with WhatsApp because unlike Messenger, the messaging app has not undergone any change in the form or format since Facebook bought it, and still remaining completely independent, has continued to grow year after year

Another piece of information that we can not ignore is market share. Although WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application in 109 countries, there are some in which Facebook Messenger and Viber sweep. Of course we can not forget WeChat that only in China has more than 800 million users.

Even with this data and with emerging competitors trying to overcome it based on innovation, WhatsApp continues to be crowned until today as the queen of instant messaging applications with a not insignificant share of 55.6% of the world market and 50 billion messages sent every day.

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